In Other News…


The DC Neighborhoods With the Best Home Appreciation in 2016  [Urban Turf DC]   That’s right, it’s time for your annual tradition of reading this list, feeling lacerating guilt and regret, and then tearfully asking yourself in the bathroom mirror, “why did you spend another year wasting money on rent?  Why can’t you get your life together?  What’s wrong with you??”

NASA Has Compiled a List of the Best Air-Cleaning Plants for Your Home  [My Modern Met]  I love this, since I live in an airless basement with smoggy air, but I’m so bad with plants that they don’t even make it home to my apartment, they just die right in the cab.

No Rent for Rats  [Jacobin]  A fascinating look at the history of the tenant movement in NYC.  There’s a long list of reasons why this kind of movement never took hold in DC, but I fear that #1 is that no one ever thought DC was cool enough to squat in.

There’s a Secret, Unlisted DC Housing Market (and It’s Not Just for Rich People)  [Washingtonian]  You know that nagging feeling your therapist is always dismissing, that there are all these fantastic things going on that are deliberately being kept secret from you?  Turns out you were right!

The Federal Government Sold An Entire West Virginia Town for $4 Million  [Washington Business Journal]  It may sound like the ultimate white elephant, but owning an entire town can be cool.  The family of a friend of mine owns an entire ghost town in the Midwest, and it’s like having their own little kingdom.  Also, they grow weed there.

Writer J.G. Ballard’s Home Is For Sale  [Dangerous Minds]  Buy this house and I guarantee that at some point in the future, you’ll find, under a floorboard or at the back of a closet shelf, some kind of weird, possibly vacuum-cleaner-related, pornography.


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