In Other News …

tumblr_o2lxkfroto1r5u9lgo1_1280Japanese Skating Rink Shuts Down Over Frozen Fish Controversy  [BBC]  Every office has that one super-weird and possibly dangerous dude whose bizarre ideas are always met with silence and then “accidentally” not written on the dry-erase board.  This is what happens in that one-in-a-hundred instance when the boss just shrugs and is like, “sure, we’ll try that, what’s the worst that could happen?”  (If you just said to yourself, “but there’s no weirdo in my office” – sorry, but you’re the weirdo.)

From Rotisserie Chicken and Bail Bonds to French Restaurant In Brookland  [Popville]  If there’s a better metaphor for the transformation of DC, I haven’t seen it.  (Although I’m sure they’ll another, even better one next week.)

Logan Circle’s Original Barrel House Liquor Building to Be Converted Into Seven-Story Residential Development  [Urban Turf DC]  On one hand, it’s a shame to see such an iconic building get the axe. On the other hand, I am still haunted by vivid memories of the two-day hangover caused by a bottle of Eastern European artichoke liquor that, for unfathomable reasons, I bought there for a dinner party.

This Pre-Fab Cube Has Everything You Need to Turn a Warehouse Into an Apartment  [Mental Floss]  The coolest apartment I’ve ever been in was a massive warehouse in Baltimore where all the roommates had gone to Home Depot and bought toolsheds and gazebos and built a weird, ramshackle indoor village.  This is basically the off-the-shelf version of that.

A New Report Outlines What an “Equitable DC” Would Look Like  [Washington City Paper]  Reading between the lines, one sees that the present-day DC is not very equitable at all.  For shame, DC.

New App Reveals Development History of Thousands of DC Buildings  [Curbed DC]  This database from the DC Historical Preservation Office looks like a great resource for developers, prospective buyers, amateur historians, or, I dunno, creatively bankrupt, hungover real estate bloggers sweating a fast-approaching deadline.

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