In Other News …


Climate Change Could Swamp Coastal Real Estate  [The New York Times]  My advice to you all would be to invest in sandbags.

What’s Behind Colonial Village’s Skyrocketing Real Estate Prices?  [Urban Turf DC]  Don’t bother trying to figure it out.  There’s no logic behind any of it, everything’s just getting more expensive at unchecked speeds.  (Don’t mind me, I just did a back of the envelope estimate of how much I’ll have to shell out this year for Christmas presents.)

Atlanta Is Trying to Spur Development By Creating a Miniature Times Square  [Citylab]  It may sound like a ridiculous idea, but Gallery Place is kind of a miniature Times Square, and look how it’s boomed.

Chinese Company Raises Half a Billion Dollars for All-Electric Car  [Design Boom]  Wait, but I thought China was the villain in the global warming drama?  This is like when your mom tells you all week that your dad left because he doesn’t love you anymore, and then when you visit him on the weekend, he tells you that Mom was having an affair with the dog walker.

10 Lies About Black Friday’s Consumerist Hell  [The Guardian]  If you’re mad because you’re stuck at work today instead of camped out in the Best Buy parking lot, this article might make you feel better.  (Sample quote: “The Frankfurt School argued that we have been conditioned to accept the goods that are on offer; effectively, we are ideologically shaped to demand what is supplied.”)

A Dead Tree In Shaw Signals Progress  [Greater Greater Washington]   I’ve noticed before that when gentrification happens – this definitely held true in Shaw – a lot of trees get cut down.  Is it just to protect the cars parked on the street from falling branches?


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