In Other News …

4d16c88dcc690dbcd76707b739abf9d4England Has Started to Build Houses On Stilts In Anticipation of Global Warming  [Fast Coexist]  I’m always telling people who don’t believe in climate change that there’s really no downside to acting as if it’s real – I mean, an electric/solar car is going to be nicer than any gas-guzzler, regardless of greenhouse gases.  But I’m having a hard time coming up with an upside for stilt houses.  Storage space?

Marijuana-Friendly DC Housing Facebook Group Looking for Members  [Urban Turf DC]  Most interesting tidbit from this story: since federal law still prohibits marijuana, most landlords will evict you if they catch you growing or (theoretically) smoking weed.  So the people who bought that famous DC condo that came with a grow closet now say they’re using it to grow “vegetables.”  Riiiiiiiight.

The 10 Most Eye-Catching Kitchens In DC  [Curbed DC]  I’m vaguely insulted that my kitchen isn’t on this list.  I mean, what could be more eye-catching than a half-inch wide gap between a stove and the counter with 15 years of built-up crud down there?  (The last time I shined a flashlight down there, I saw like three steak knives, some kind of ancient insect egg sac, and a whole chicken drumstick.)

Chinese High-End Toilet Company Debuts Trump-Branded Toilets  [Irish Times]  The funniest part is how the owner of the company denies that the toilets are named after that Trump.  “Trump is a very common name,” he said.  “A lot of people around the world are named Trump.”  Oh, okay.

This Parking Garage Doubles As a Sledding Run  [Arch Daily]  Mixing sledding children and cars – what could go wrong?

Where Inequality Literally Blocks the Sun  [Verso]   I can’t believe developers have just recently started building luxury skyscraper condos.  I remember visiting the Empire State Building as a child and being told that it was mostly offices and being horrified that such a cool building was wasted on something so boring.

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