In Other News …

falling-plates-cupboard-advice-baoliao-commune-tseng-shao-tsen-582d5aa95e0d2__700How Does One Open This Kitchen Cabinet?!  [Bored Panda]  My favorite suggestion was “Build a new, identical house, and then delete the old one.”

Can a Text Message Be a Legally Binding Real Estate Contract?  [Inman]  According to a Massachusetts court, yes.  Yet another reason to put breathalyzers on our smartphones, so they’ll lock for 12 hours if you’re drunk.

DC Gas Stations Used to Look So Much Nicer  [Greater Greater Washington]  What are we going to use gas stations for, once we just plug our cars in at home?  Will the design blogs of the future be full of posts about hip repurposing of gas stations into little cabins?

They’re Building a Building On Top of a Building On 14th Street  [Urban Turf DC]  I got annoyed the other day because they’re doing construction down the block from me.  Imagine having them doing construction ON TOP of your building.  How would you ever sleep?

An Interview With the Queen of Tiny Living  [Inhabitat]  I wonder if she ever hits her head on the ceiling when she climbs into her loft bed in her 90-square-foot apartment.  (I still have a forehead scar from sitting up too fast in my college dorm loft.)

These Heat-Dispersing Bricks Will Naturally Air Condition Your House  [Arch Daily]  Could you make a “murder igloo” out of these in the Arctic, where anyone who walked into it would immediately deep-freeze?  Sounds like an “X-Files” episode.

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