In Other News …

vanInside DC’s Shipping Container Artist’s Studio  [Urban Turf DC]  It’s just a matter of time before someone lines up several shipping containers end to end, Human Centipede-style, to make a narrow, hundred foot long home.  (I would totally do this.)

The World’s Biggest Real Estate Binge Is Coming to a City Near You  [Bloomberg]  Everyone’s worried about Asians buying all our real estate, Russia’s an evil empire, Trump’s in the headlines.  Somehow we’ve gone back to 1982.

This Beautiful Dome In Beirut Is Made of Newspapers  [Inhabitat]  It’s weird how leading fashion and design is often indistinguishable from the aesthetic of the homeless.

IKEA Recreates a Syrian Home In-Store to Call Attention to Refugee Crisis  [Arch Daily]  What does it mean about this day and age when so many headlines seem like they’re clearly from the Onion (but are not)?

Why Does America Hate Roundabouts?  [Citylab]  Why does America hate cars looming up out of nowhere into the corner of your eye as you’re executing a precision 360-degree maneuver?  Is that really the question?

Abandoned Apartments In Southeast to be Redeveloped Into Affordable Housing  [Washington City Paper]  Despite DC’s insane, years-long boom, there are still abandoned properties here and there around town.  Someone should move into one, fix it up, and claim squatter’s rights like those people in Manhattan in the early Nineties.  No elected official wants to be the one who evicts well-meaning, property-restoring squatters.

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