In Other News …

138370-giant-android-phone-meme-imgur-qp9oThese Micro-Lofts Are the Future of Real Estate  [Architectural Digest]   I love these tiny living spaces, but I also wonder if there might be a reaction against them soon, sort of like how everyone is getting those comically large smartphones now.  Will McMansions come back into style?

Four Anacostia Homes At the Heart of the Affordable Housing Crisis  [Washington Business Journal]  In a few decades, people are going to look at this slideshow in the same way we look at the newspaper ads from the Seventies, selling abandoned Logan Circle homes for $10K.

DC’s Inauguration Airbnb Gold Rush Begins  [Urban Turf DC]  I think I have friends who are still living off the money they made renting out their Shaw houses during the first Obama inauguration.

Chicago Is Getting Floating, Solar-Powered Bike Paths  [Fast CoExist]  We have water!  We have sunlight!  We have cyclists!  We need these in DC.

How a Trump Presidency Might Impact Real Estate  [Forbes]  Well, he is a real estate guy.  I’m not gonna lie, the first thing I’d do if I was elected president would be to give myself every pardon and tax exemption on the books.  Maybe even name a couple high schools after myself.  (Then again, this is why no one would vote for me.)

Bodie, California’s Authentic Gold Rush-Era Ghost Town  [Houston Chronicle] Man, even in early 1800s mining towns, they had 24 hour restaurants!  Get your act together, DC.

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