In Other News …

bgthq2_8924Rock Creek Park Police Officer Shoots Self After Being Attacked By Raccoon  [WJLA]  I like how the article just casually mentions that witnesses counted nine shots (!!) and yet the raccoon was taken away, unscathed, by animal control.  Do they not do target practice in the park police?

Comet Ping-Pong at Center of Alt-Right Conspiracy Theory  [Washington City Paper]  I’ve never been so relieved for an election cycle to be over.  I think we should just go to eight year terms, too.  I’m already dreading the next one.

Wealthy Homebuyers Now Want a Good Deal  [Business Insider]  Wait, did they not care about a good deal before?  Were high-end realtors just tacking on an extra million to inflate their commission, knowing that the rich buyer wouldn’t even look at the price?  Why do I only find out about these great rackets after they’re already over?

How We Literally Create the Ground Beneath Our Feet  [Places]  I’m so much less excited about my homegrown backyard tomatoes now that I know that urban soil is made of “trash, ash, petrochemicals, decomposed bodies, dredged sediments, and rock.”  (Decomposed bodies??)

The Ethics of Converting 11 Apartments Into 1  [New York Times]  Ethics aside, how could the person planning to move into this house go through with the move after reading an article in the New York Times about how much trash the neighbors are already talking about you?  Infinite awkwardness.

The 10 Worst Urban Sprawl Offenders In the US  [Arch Daily]  I thought I knew exactly how annoying sprawl was, but I’ve never even been to any of the cities on this list, which quite frankly scares me a little.

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