In Other News …

150522_2868175_scottish_soccer_hooligansThis UK Soccer Stadium Is Going to Be Built Entirely of Wood  [Arch Daily]  Great idea, build a flammable soccer stadium in a country full of psychopathic hooligans.

Study Gives Georgetown Gondola the Green Light  [Washington Post]  The gondola might actually become a reality!  Exciting.  I just wish it went somewhere I actually wanted to go.

Marijuana Legalization Is Actually a Real Estate Story  [Forbes]  Really?  I thought it was a story about eating one too many gummies at a bachelor party and going to sleep in the back seat of a stranger’s unlocked car.

NoMa’s Getting Another Park  [Greater Greater Washington]  Someone start a petition to have it named “Swampoodle Park”!

Paris’s Pop-Up Refugee Shelter  [The New Yorker]  Serious question:  why don’t we treat refugees and the homeless the same way?

The Wonders of Brazilian Modernism  [Architizer]  Some young architecture student needs to shamelessly rip all these buildings off.

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