In Other News …

house-that-looks-like-a-face-angrySix Keys to Designing Architecture That Terrorizes  [Arch Daily]  I’m surprised they didn’t include “make the windows look like angry eyes and the front door look like a fanged mouth.”

McLean’s White House Replica Fails to Sell (Again)  [Urban Turf DC]  We should start a GoFundMe page to buy this house for the loser of next week’s election.

DC’s “Airbnb Police Force” Probably Won’t Happen  [Washington City Paper]  Is Airbnb more of a problem for renters, or for hotel owners, i.e. the Hiltons and Trumps of the world?  Considering how quickly cities have cracked down on Airbnb, this is either the fastest ever that the powers that be have stood up for the little guy, or there’s something else going on behind the scenes.

What $5 Million Buys You Around the World  [Forbes]  I’m 95% sure you could buy my entire Midwestern hometown for $5 million.  (But why would you?!??)

How Marijuana Is Firing Up Real Estate  [CNBC]  It never occurred to me that you need special industrial space to grow weed.  Since property is so expensive in DC, I assume most of the District’s weed is grown in Maryland or Virginia – where it’s not legal.  I wonder how much the dealers pay the guy who has to live on the suburban pot farm and look after the plants, and say it’s all his if the cops show up?  Probably not enough.

How the Half-Smoke Represents a Changing DC  [Citylab]  I just realized that although I’ve eaten a lot of half-smokes, I have no idea what one tastes like, not only because they’re always drowned in chili and/or cheese, but because I’m always drunk when I eat them.

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