In Other News …

wpid-screenshot_2015-05-27-20-46-03-1-pngArchitecture for the Dead  [Arch Daily]  Death is serious, I get it, but I’m surprised there isn’t one death building that’s upbeat, like the crematorium equivalent of the “New Orleans funeral” where everyone gets drunk and plays music and tells jokes about the deceased.  (That’s the kind of funeral I want.)

DC Officially Takes Control of the Walter Reed Campus  [DCist]  I’m almost relieved that there won’t be a Wegman’s, since now I won’t have to bug my friends for a ride to Wegman’s every two weeks.

The Joys and Unexpected Perils of Sleeping in a Tiny House  [Mental Floss]  Climbing up into a loft in the dark is never a good idea, as you probably know if you got stuck with the top bunk in your freshman dorm.

DC Is Not Allowed to Call Itself “The State of Washington”  [Seattle Times]  I was totally against the name “The State of Washington” until Washington State got all petty and territorial about it, and now the competitive contrarian part of my personality is ready to fight tooth and nail for it.

Logan Circle’s “O House” Hits the Market  [Urban Turf DC]  A completely detached house in Logan with a huge front yard?  I don’t understand why the owners ever tried to renovate it into a traditional rowhouse.  (Luckily, the city blocked them.)

Remembering Erol’s, DC’s Video Rental Chain  [Ghosts of DC]  Netflix is okay, but I legitimately like the idea of physically going to a place, browsing the movies, and picking one to watch.  (And then having to watch that one all the way through because you don’t have the option of clicking over to something else.)  Also, the fact that when the Erol’s guy sold to Blockbuster, he apparently took a large part of the sale price in Blockbuster stock, is heartbreaking.

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