Sundays With Strangers

genmid-dc9792507_0This beautiful Shaw Victorian was built in 1894, which is around the time that this presidential election started (at least that’s what it feels like, amirite?!).  Situated on a corner lot, this huge three-story house (4400 square feet!) looks almost fortress-like, looming over the street.  I feel like living here would make it a lot easier to read news stories about climate change, economic unrest, food shortages, etc, because you’d know that even if the world went full-on “Walking Dead,” you could hold out in here indefinitely.  Yeah, you’d probably have to board up all the first-floor windows though, which is a shame since corner houses get so much light.

Inside, the house looks very much like you want it to look, based on the exterior – lots of burnished hardwood floors and rich original woodwork.  It’s always a little jarring to go to a turn-of-the-century Victorian, and inside it looks like an Apple store or something.  The living room has a wonderful bay window with three oversized windows;  it’s a perfect sunny nook to sit in on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee in one hand and your phone in the other, so you can call the police THE VERY INSTANT any of your neighbors double-parks their car.  (There are multiple old ladies on my block who do this.)  Through a set of original wood pocket doors (all the woodwork in this house is original) is the dining room, which sports an awesome antique fireplace that’s just begging for one of those novelty logs that burns fluorescent pink.  Okay, the fireplace isn’t begging for it – I’m begging for it.  Come on, it’ll be funny!  We’ll spam photos of it all over social media!

The kitchen has been modernized, but the aesthetic is consistent with the rest of the house, with dark brown wood cupboards and dark marble counters.  The brown color palette of this house was actually a nice change from the ubiquitous all-white you see nowadays, which can feel a little “state hospital” after a while.  Upstairs, the master bedroom is like a compilation of all the best features of the first floor, with a large bay window, an antique fireplace, and more elaborate woodwork.  The master bath features period-appropriate tiled floors and twin basins, and one of the nicest showers I’ve ever seen, with side-by-side twin rainwater showerheads.  Possibly you could have one dispense hot water and the other dispense cold water, and then just shuffle from one to the other every five or ten seconds.  Doesn’t that sound like a skin care tip you’d read in an in-flight magazine?  (Also: smearing various edible substances on your face at night, e.g. olive oil, hummus, Hidden Valley ranch dressing, etc.)

At the very top of the house is a stunning rooftop deck from which you can see dozens of multi-million-dollar homes that you could’ve bought for the price of a compact car like fifteen years ago, but didn’t, because you were too busy “following your dreams,” i.e. playing trombone in a ska band called “Technical Difficulties.”  (Just made that up off the top of my head, but I guarantee there was a ska band called “Technical Difficulties.”)  And the basement level is fully finished and ready to be a rec room, in-law suite, or not-technically-legal rental that could bring in like $2500 a month, but would probably cause you like $5000 a month worth of stress, as overnight, every single person who walked by your house would suddenly seem like an undercover rental inspector.  And finally, out back is a wonderfully restored two-story carriage house that you could use for parking or storage or as a temporary crash pad for your friend from college whose wife just divorced him because he kept calling her “dude” and is trying to start his own business delivering marijuana gummies by drone.  (Letting him live in your garage is actually cheaper, in the long run, than donating to his constant GoFundMe projects.)

946 T Street NW
4 Bedrooms, 4.5 Baths

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All photos courtesy MRIS; listing courtesy Keller Williams, 202-243-7700

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