In Other News …

sunglasses-copyNew Ultra Thin “Solar Wallpaper” Sticks to Any Surface  [Inhabitat]  Soon you won’t have to worry about charging your phone, because it will be powered by your shiny, elastic “The Matrix”-like black jumpsuit of solar vinyl.  (Honestly, I’d rather just look for an outlet.)

District Sues Real Estate Company Over “Deplorable Conditions”  [Washington Post]  *Slowly shakes head in disgust*

DC Food Truck Moguls Start a Commune  [Washingtonian]  A super interesting story that shows how DC is evolving, that also serves as an eerily accurate word salad of “things that would probably be deal-breakers if you discovered them in your significant other’s past,” i.e.  “nap pods,” “DC’s Burning Man,” “culinary carnivals,” et cetera.

Leaning Tower of San Francisco Might Be Unsalvageable  [Associated Press]  Oh man, wouldn’t it be hilarious to take one of those tourist gag photos next to this building in which you’ve got your arm extended so it looks like you’re holding the building up?!  (No.  It wouldn’t be funny.  At all.)

From Real Estate Porn to Love At First Sight  [Los Angeles Times]  My theory is that you need a “project” every five to ten years in life, or the creep of existential dread catches up to you.  Hence the regular spacing of marriage, children, buying a house, with the intervening sub-milestones in between.  (Personally, I would add “the annual release of NBA 2K for Xbox” to that list.)

Free Charging/Wi-Fi Kiosks Appear In Eastern Market and CoHi  [Capitol Hill Corner]  If Facebook, Google, etc, make billions from us just looking at their websites, shouldn’t wi-fi and phone charges be free everywhere?

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