In Other News …



Weirdly Disturbing Photos of Houses In Fumigation Tents  [The Paris Review]  Theory: the reason these photos are eerie is closely related to why clowns are creepy.

Buying Is 36% Cheaper Than Renting In DC (Allegedly)  [Urban Turf DC]  Yeah, I don’t know, seems like there’s a lot of fine print and presumptuous assumptions behind this li’l statistic.  Or maybe I just don’t want to face the reality that I’ve been paying 36% more for a place to live that I’ve needed to for the past decade.

The Battle Over DC’s Rent Control Laws  [Washington City Paper]  Come on, DC has rent control like a two year old has impulse control.

Do Our Cities Need Less Jane Jacobs?  [Arch Daily]  This is the closest a black turtleneck-wearing architect will ever get to trolling, considering that Jane Jacobs was the founder of the “village-style development” school of thought.  This is like an economist writing an article titled, “Do We Actually Need *More* Income Inequality?”

That One Time A Runaway 1100-Ton Train Barrelled Through Union Station  [Greater Greater Washington]  Worst “Friends” spec script ever?

Free Land, For 5 Years of Labor, In Nova Scotia  [New York Times]  When I saw this article, I said to my girlfriend, “who would work a meaningless job for five years for a plot of land?”  And she said, “Almost every adult on earth is going to spend the next five years working a meaningless job, and most of them won’t even get a plot of land.”  (BRB, moving to Nova Scotia.)

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