In Other News …

bikerackBike Thefts Way Up In Shaw  [Washington Post]  I once caught a guy trying to cut through my bike chain with bolt cutters in Shaw.  I was like, “hey, dude, don’t.”  He just stood up and stared at me while holding his bolt cutters and I thought, hmm, this is strange, what’s going to happen now?  Then he glanced over my shoulder and I turned around to see his partner sneaking up on me with a large blunt object.  Consider yourselves warned.

Watch Surveillance Video of Someone Blowing Up A Car In NoMa With a Thermite Bomb  [Popville]  This is the creepiest video I’ve watched in a long time.  Who stays that calm while planting a bomb?  Also, I guarantee someone will recognize this guy from his walk.

DC Station Revealed for Georgetown Gondola  [Urban Turf DC]  This gondola is years away from happening and I’m already irritated by all the photos of the river at sunset people are going post on social media.

Arlington Approves Car-Free Streets  [ARLnow]  We should do this in DC, too.  Also, I noticed they’re also going to have streets with both pedestrians and cars, called “shared streets.”  I guess that’s catchier than calling them “pedestrian death alleys.”

Australia’s Thirty Year Real Estate Boom  [New York Times]  I keep bracing for the “bubble” to pop, but this article makes me think maybe I’m just projecting my anxieties onto the real estate market, of all things.  I should do what most people do and project them onto my relationship.  (Destroying it in the process.)

Watch a French Quick-Assembly House Being Put Together  [Arch Daily]  How can watching videos of stuff being put together be so satisfying, but actually putting stuff together be so soul-crushing?

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