In Other News …

casa-invisible-the-invisible-house-gessato-2This Architect Hides His Residential Projects In Plain Sight  [Wallpaper]  Invisible architecture is all well and good, until a lost camper drives his Jeep Cherokee into the side of your house.  (I do love this guy’s designs though.)

The Rock and Roll House of Two DC Creatives  [Design Sponge]  Having a cool place like this must be a double edged sword, because you’d want to show it off and throw parties, but then the guests would steal all your cool stuff.

DC Is the Most Mortgaged City In the Nation  [DCist]  This must be why all my friends with the nicest houses are also the cheapest ones when the bar tab comes.

Brutalism Is Officially Back  [New York Times]  But wait, don’t people say that by the time the stodgy ol’ Times figures out something is cool, it’s already over?  Maybe the headline should be, “Brutalism Was Officially Back.”

DC Class A Apartment Absorption Slows But Remains High  [Urban Turf DC]  Isn’t it possible that skyrocketing rents are caused, at least in part, by the way that developers build the nicest buildings first, and then only go back and fill in the regular properties once the rental market has already been skewed sky high?  Maybe there should be an affordable housing law that requires developers to build regular buildings first and do the luxury ones last.

Inside the NYC Public Library’s Secret Apartments  [Atlas Obscura]  I have at least two really solid nonfiction book ideas that I would absolutely tackle if I could just sleep in a library apartment and then get right back to researching.

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