In Other News …

bernieRace, Schools, and Real Estate: A Legal Gray Area  [NPR]  From now on, if I hear you ask “so how are the schools?” at an open house, I will be giving you side-eye.

Mayor Bowser Pledges $100 Million for Affordable Housing  [Curbed DC]  That’s an impressive sounding number, but this article estimates the funding will benefit 2600 people, which only comes out to $385 a person.  So in a way, the city is saying, “hey, we know rent is high.  Here’s $385.  Good luck to you!”

These Two Real Estate Titans Are the Richest Men In Alaska  [Forbes]  Being the richest men in Alaska has got to be pretty bittersweet because yeah, you’re rich, but you’re still, you know, in Alaska.

Real Estate Investors Target Flyover Country  [Reuters]  In the future, the person raising your rent is going to be a 28 year old software engineer who bought your house on the internet and lives across the country.  Good luck getting him to send over a plumber when your shower is clogged.

Tales of Gentrification from Around the World  [The Guardian]  Can’t we go back to the good ol’ days, when rich people wanted to go to country clubs and formal balls, instead of my favorites coffee shops and dive bars?

Airbnb Launches Calculator to Show You How Much Money You Could Make  [Urban Turf DC]  They should make an online calculator to preview how nauseous and horrified you’ll feel when you get a tax bill from the IRS for all the Airbnb money you didn’t declare as income.  (I speak from bitter experience.)

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