In Other News …

holdout-housesNotorious Mt. Vernon Holdout House Sells for $4 Million  [Washington Business Journal]  Before you cheer this as a victory for the little guy, keep in mind the house was bought out of foreclosure in 2011 by a big developer who just sat on it for a couple years and then sold it to another, slightly bigger, developer.

Inside Jackie Kennedy’s Newly-Listed $9 Million Georgetown Mansion  [Urban Turf DC]  Someone should do a comparison of similar houses in the neighborhood, to see how much of a “famous former occupant” tax has been tacked on to this price.  I’m guessing at least $1.5 million.

Logan Circle to Get Basement Pool Hall  [Washington City Paper]  What does it mean that the final stage of gentrification is to recreate the basement pool halls and dive bars that were pushed out to make room for gentrification?

The Rehabilitation of a Scottish Brutalist Masterpiece  [Metropolis]  Mark my words, DC’s continued demolition of our Brutalist buildings is soon going to be regarded like all the moms who threw out dusty old baseball card collections that later became worth millions.

Sale of Ethiopian Buildings In Shaw Leaves a Void In the Neighborhood  [Washington Post]  I used to live two blocks from here and I would go there all the time and get big bags of their Ethiopian bread.  I would heavily imply to the cashier that I was going to cook Ethiopian food at home, to go with the bread, but in fact I would just go home and eat the bread.  I should be ashamed of this, shouldn’t I?

MIT and Google Create Transformable Office Pods  [Arch Daily]  Is the reason the designers made sure the pods didn’t go all the way to the floor because they didn’t want office workers to use them to have sex in?  (Yes.)

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