In Other News …

stopsHow a DC Neighborhood Fought for Stop Signs, and Won  [Washington Post]  If I lived in a neighborhood where people were constantly zooming by my house, I would seriously buy and install some fake stop signs.  Which is to say, if I lived in a neighborhood where people were constantly zooming by my house, I would be in jail.

Senior Women Are Airbnb’s Fastest Growing Demographic in DC  [DCist]  Not sure what this means in a big picture sense, but I can say with confidence that out of all the demographics, “senior women” is the one I’d feel most comfortable with hosting me in their house.

Huge Condo Project Planned for Georgetown’s Water Street  [Urban Turf DC]  When this project goes up before the HPRB and the Old Georgetown Board, it’s going to be like the time when I was in high school and picked up my date for a formal dance wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and clearly tripping on magic mushrooms.  Her parents were not amused.

What Cities Can Learn from Barcelona’s Superblocks  [The New York Times]   I’m becoming increasingly convinced that there’s no downside to the decline and eventual disappearance of cars.  Except when I buy an air conditioner.  Carrying an air conditioner home from the hardware store on foot is going to really suck.

What Makes a McMansion Bad?  [McMansion Hell]  I loved this post because it articulates so many things that we feel in our gut, but can’t quite put into words, because we’re not architects.  But it also convinced me that it’s possible to build a super McMansion that breaks all the rules of conventional design, but is also an artistic masterpiece.  A “Guernica” of McMansions, so to speak.

A Global Solution to Gentrification?  [The Guardian]  Unless the solution is “abolish money,” I don’t like its chances very much.

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