In Other News …

fiancee-bodas-jun-hogar-the-aviator-04Panicked Super-Rich Rush to Build Luxury Bunkers  [Hollywood Reporter]  I have this theory that rich people are all super paranoid because everyone has a certain level of anxiety built into their brain, so that even after you accumulate enough money to meet every conceivable need you could ever have, you have to come up with other things to worry about, which at that point end up being, well, stupid fantasies like “the end of the world,” etc.  (If the world does actually end in the next few months, though, this was all just a joke, and you rich people should let me into your underground bunkers so I can be your court jester for food and water.)

DC’s Smallest Condo Is Only 209 Square Feet  [Urban Turf DC]  Just clicking through this slideshow gave me a little anxiety.  It may not be the smallest apartment ever, but it probably is the smallest apartment ever that also has a walk-in closet.

JBG Withdraws Wardman Park Plan  [Washington Business Journal]  I knew that the power of Complaining Loudly and Being Really Annoying could get me free nachos at Taco Bell after they forgot the hot sauce packets in my drive-thru order, but who would’ve thought it could stop a multi-million dollar development?

2016 iPhone Architecture Photography Awards Announced  [Arch Daily]  I love stuff like this, because it proves that anyone with an iPhone, even you, can be a great photographer.  I mean, you’re not – but you could be, theoretically.  (But: you’re definitely not.)

India’s New “Solar Tree” Can Power 5 Houses From 4 Square Feet of Land  [Inhabitat]  As long as we’re inventing trees to save the world, scientists should engineer one that can turn greenhouse gases into clean air.  Oh, wait …

This Former Nazi Resort Is Being Redeveloped As a Luxury Getaway  [Business Insider]  Seems like this would be a hard sell to vacationers.  “Come drink piña coladas in a Senor Frog’s housed in a former munitions factory!”

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