In Other News …

hhhhThis Prenup House Literally Splits Your Assets  [Apartment Therapy]   The only downside to this is that you don’t get the catharsis of gleefully using a chainsaw and/or forklift to tear your house in half after a months-long bitter divorce battle.

Is JBG’s Wardman Park Plan Too Much Or Just Enough?  [Washington Business Journal]  The way the neighbors they interviewed in this article felt about the Wardman plan reminds me of how my parents feel about shopping:  my dad thinks any shopping is too much, and my mom thinks no amount of shopping is enough.  Basically, no matter what happens, everyone ends up unhappy.

The Botanically Inspired Design System That Grows Living Buildings  [Arch Daily]  I can’t even keep a houseplant alive, how am I supposed to remember to water an entire house?

How About a Binational Border City?  [Citylab]  I was sure there already existed a city that spreads seamlessly over multiple borders, and spent several minutes trying to think of it before I realized we live in one.  And now I feel dumb.

Someone Stole Joan of Arc’s Sword In Meridian Hill Park  [Borderstan]   Shame on whoever did this!  Not for stealing the sword, but for not inviting me over to take a selfie with it.

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