In Other News …

about5This Graph Shows Which Parts of the DMV Are Affordable and Walkable  [Greater Greater Washington]  ^^^ My face when I read what the most affordable and walkable neighborhood in the DMV is.

The DC Streetcar Is Doing Fine, But Does It Make Sense?  [Urban Turf DC]  It makes sense like a 62 year old man’s red Porsche makes sense;  it’s a trophy.  Besides, a full third of the Metro stations don’t make a lick of sense.

These Utopian Maps Have Influenced a Century of Urban Planning  [Atlas Obscura]  It’s eerie how close to DC the imaginary “Garden City” looks.  Maybe they didn’t pay L’Enfant because he plagiarized?

This New Island In Copenhagen Will Act as a Stepping Stone Between Neighborhoods  [Arch Daily]  I love this, and if DC continues to grow at the pace of the past decade, we’ll be building them in the Anacostia River before 2030.

As Our Cities Grow Hotter, How Will We Adapt?  [The New Yorker]  By buying an air conditioner.  (I toughed it out this past summer without one and had to wash my sweat-yellowed sheets every three days.  Never again.)

More DC Residents Living In Poverty Than Before the Great Recession  [Washington City Paper]  The implications of this study are disturbing.  If prosperity is a zero-sum game, why shouldn’t I just rob banks?  Other than the threat of federal prison.

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