In Other News …


The DC Flipping Market Is Very Healthy  [Urban Turf DC]  The average house flipper made a 75% return on their investment, which means that unless you’re a stock market hacker or a drug dealer, you would make way more money flipping houses.  So why aren’t you?

Frank Lloyd Wright Designed a Gas Station  [Atlas Obscura]  There’s a lookout tower on the top of it, for no apparent reason.  I guess you shouldn’t really nitpick a Frank Lloyd Wright design, but seriously – what’s with the lookout tower, Frank?

What Can You Do With a Dismantled Stadium?  [Citylab]  Tear it up into little pieces and sew the pieces into wallets, apparently.  Which I admit I had never thought of before.

Inside Airbnb’s Plan to Partner With the Real Estate Industry  [Fortune]  Is this good?  This doesn’t seem good.  This seems sort of like when you find out that two of your hated exes have become good friends.

Why Even Driving Through Suburbia Is Soul Crushing  [Quartz]  Is it for the same reason it’s depressing to go to a professional sporting event where everyone’s wearing the same colors?

Pack the Court for McMillan Park  [Eventbrite]  I thought the plans for the McMillan development were pretty much full speed ahead, but apparently there’s still one last chance to block the present plan in favor of a greener, more parks-oriented one.  Considering how much money is behind the development plans, though, I’d put the odds of that happening at right around the odds of convincing Apple to put the headphone jack back on the iPhone.

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