In Other News …


Why Sustainability Metrics Shortchange Some Cities  [Arch Daily]  If you take consumption and travel into account, the carbon footprint of most “sustainable” US cities becomes exponentially worse.  This just confirms what I’ve always known in my gut: being poor gives you the moral high ground.  *Smugly eats a styrofoam bowl of Top Ramen*

ANC Says Newer H Street Storefronts Are Horrible  [Washington City Paper]  While there is a very real conversation to be had here about historical preservation and the (non) enforcement of existing rules, let’s also keep in mind that this really just about the hideous Ben’s Chili Bowl facade.

Home Sales Increase 50% In Bloomingdale As Supply Dips  [Urban Turf DC]  I’ve always thought Bloomingdale is good, but have always been mildly puzzled and amused that everyone else thinks it’s THE BEST.  It’s like the JJ Abrams of DC neighborhoods.

Single Women Get Much Worse Mortgage Terms Than Single Men  [Washington Post]  Institutional sexism is real and pervasive, but don’t forget to reserve some of your anger for the banks!

When Birds Nest In Bad Places  [The New York Times]   One of my neighbors has boards bristling with three-inch nails (points-up) affixed to all of his windowsills and air conditioners.  But really, what good is it to have a pristine, bird-droppings-free house, when it looks like you live in Vlad the Impaler’s torture castle?

A $350 Million San Francisco Luxury Tower Is Tilting and Sinking  [Business Insider]  When the first step in your construction plan is “filling wet muddy holes with rocks,” maybe you should think about building your $350 million luxury building somewhere else?

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