In Other News …

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This Moscow Apartment Is a Masterpiece of Efficiency and Minimalism  [Arch Daily]  I used to have this huge IKEA bookshelf/cubbyhole thing that my cats happily lived in; this looks like the equivalent, but for humans.

Watch Four Months of Demolition In Time-Lapse  [DCist]  It’s extra entertaining if you view it as a metaphor for American political discourse.

Buyers Say They’re Willing to Pay Extra for “Smart” Homes  [Washington Post]  Does a doorbell that sends you text messages really sound that appealing?  I’m already ignoring dozens of texts a week, my inbox can’t handle anymore.

Georgetown’s Historic Dixie Liquor Store Could Be Yours  [The Georgetowner]  If alcoholic extroverts dream of owning a car, do alcoholic introverts dream of owning a liquor store?

What Happens to Rio’s Olympics Real Estate?  [Seeking Alpha]  The former Olympic villages are now apartments, and you could buy one for as little as $225K.  Just think, someday you could tell your grand kids, “where you’re sitting right now, in that very spot, is where a Lithuanian shot putter had sex with two Japanese rowers!”

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