In Other News …

Visitors scramble up the steps of the United States Capital beneath Mount Rushmore at Windows on the WorldFoamhenge Is Coming (Closer) to DC!  [Curbed DC]   Let’s be honest, adulthood is understanding that looking at life-sized foam replicas of famous landmarks is just as satisfying as looking at the actual landmarks.

Capitol Hill Tenant Auctioning Off TOPA Rights  [Urban Turf DC]  Everyone loves the free market, until they find themselves getting the short end of the deal.  (Did I just accidentally summarize this presidential election?)

The Best Structures of Burning Man 2016  [Arch Daily]  For the full authentic effect, look at these photos while standing next to a filthy white man with dreads wearing a trash bag poncho and velvet elf shoes with toes that curl up at the ends.  (And who, back in real life, has an eight figure net worth.)

Has Intelligent Architecture Gone Too Far?  [London Review of Books]  Apparently, Apple is openly building a “smart headquarters” that will use climate control and biofeedback to coax higher productivity from employees.  What ever happened to just buying everyone bagels once a week?

Cheddar, Cheever, and Moving to the Suburbs  [The Paris Review]  A whimsical essay about a writer who moves from the city to the suburbs, reads various classic novels about the suburbs, and realizes that the suburbs are … well, just read the article.

Your Morning Commute Is About to Get Worse  [DCist]  “September Shock” is real!  I just thought I was super irritable because summer was over, but no, traffic actually does get worse in the fall.

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