In Other News …


Chinese-Mcmansions-in-tight-subdivisionAre McMansions Falling Out of Favor?  [Trulia]   You have to admit, it takes nerve to come up with a headline like that.  “Is Nickelback Not the Best Band In the World?”  (The craziest part is that apparently in some places McMansions have actually gotten *more* popular.)

Check Out These Soviet Maps of DC  [DCist]  These maps could only have been used by spies, right?  “Spy Maps.”  I would virtually guarantee that James Patterson is writing a book with that title.

Japanese Buyer Pays $140.5 Million for NoMa Building  [Washington Business Journal]  Ten years you could’ve had the whole block for a hundredth of that.

This Database Will Help You Select Obscure Wood for Your Projects  [Arch Daily]  Not only will using lesser-known woods help alleviate the impact of the lumber industry, just imagine the intermingled envy/fury on your friends’ faces when you say to them, “Actually no, these floors aren’t hardwood, they’re Sumatran Andiroba, you’ve probably never heard of it.”

The Floating Seahorse Villas of Dubai  [Hypebeast]  It’s a floating amphibious luxury villa, which is cool I guess, but from the name I guess I thought it would be floating in a lagoon of actual seahorses.  Missed opportunity, if you ask me.

See a Dilapidated Mexican Hacienda Turned Into a Modern Resort Home  [Dezeen]   The last time I went on vacation in Mexico, we stayed next door to a sparkling new mansion that was mustard-colored with purple trim.  This is, ahem, a slight improvement on that.

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