In Other News …

the-ruins-of-detroit-5Detroit Is Now the Go-To Location for Horror Films  [AV Club]  If life gives you lemons, you make lemonade;  if the economy gives you post apocalyptic dystopia, you make post apocalyptic dystopian movies.  (But seriously, no production designer on earth could top ^^that^^.)

About 800,000 People Work In DC, But Who Actually Lives Here?  [DCist]   The weirdest tidbit from this breakdown isn’t that less than half of DC government employees actually live in DC, but that over 400 of them don’t live in Maryland or Virginia either.  Where are these people commuting from?!

Why the High Cost of Big City Living Is Bad for Everyone  [The New Yorker]  Crazy that this article came out the same week as the one directly above, which found that the percentage of CEOs moving into the District is equal to the percentage of construction laborers that are leaving.  Also, if our cities are expensive in some part due to overly complex zoning restrictions meant to empty cities and discourage nuclear attack (sounds crazy but it’s true), I feel like Russia should pay part of my rent.

Secret Cameras Have Been Recording Baltimore’s Every Move  [Bloomberg]  This is one of those things you hear about and think, “it can’t actually be as bad as it sounds,” but then you look into it yourself and yes, it actually is that bad.  Kind of like “Suicide Squad.”

Historic McLean Home Set for Demolition  [NBC4]  This house is so old that it was used in the War of 1812.  If they tear it down, where will all the ghosts live?

See a Brutalist Office Complex Disassembled Over 4 Seasons  [Arch Daily]  These photos are like the opposite of “tear off the Band-Aid quick and it will hurt less.”

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