In Other News …

zlote-tarasy-8The 9 Most Controversial Buildings of All Time  [Arch Daily]  Sometimes I think architects just sit around in a room getting drunk and saying things like, “bro, you know that feeling when you’re really drunk and you close your eyes and everything starts zooming around?  I should make a building that looks like that feeling.”

DC Suburbs Become One of Nation’s Fastest-Growing Employment Hubs  [Washington Post]  I know it sounds laughably unlikely right now, but cratered property values plus bushels of jobs = renaissance in the making.   If you need proof, this is the exact recipe that started our present-day DC golden era, back in the trouble early aughts.

12 Non-Coffee-Shop Places In DC to Turn Into Your Temporary Office  [DCist]  I personally prefer to work in a coffee shop – I can’t concentrate unless I have something to tune out, so I need ambient noise – but I can see why it can get a little irritating.  I once overheard a first date at the next table during which the guy listed all the types of water (“carbonated, tap, bottled, spring …”) and why he did or did not like each one.  (“Bottled water tastes great, sure, but it’s so expensive!”)  Between slapping my own forehead in disbelief and live-tweeting the date, I got nothing done that day.

The Death of Flair: Even T.G.I. Friday’s Is Going Minimalist  [Collector’s Weekly]  Minimalism is here/over/just begun, depending on where you stand on the early/late adopter spectrum.  Regardless, if you don’t like monochromatic color schemes and Scandinavian finishes, it’s going to be a loooooooong three-to-five years for you.

This McLean, VA McMansion Has a Lot of Questions to Answer  [McMansion Hell]  No seriously though, why don’t any of the windows match any of the other windows in the entire house?

Is “Zombie Urbanism” Ruining Our Cities?  [Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York]   An interesting article about what happens when gentrification becomes the guiding principle of big development.  Let’s not let DC become Manhattan, i.e. endless avenues of nothing but banks and chain pharmacies.  (Seriously, last time I visited Manhattan, I passed several intersections with a CVS directly across from a Rite Aid. WHY?!)

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