This Weekend: Drake and Truckeroo


Drake & Future Summer Sixteen Tour

Friday & Saturday

I used to not be a fan of Drake. I feel like his voice doesn’t match his face. Weird. Anyways, he’s grown on me, a lot. So much that I wore a Hotline Bling ugly sweater (with this particular image) to a concert at 9:30 Club this past winter. Nobody seemed to appreciate it other than the bartender. But I digress. He’s coming to the Verizon Center with rapper, Future!  Surprisingly, tickets are still available.  Tickets range in price but there are not very many left so hurry and get them here!

Beer Fests

Thursday – Sunday

While browsing for the happenings around DC, I ran across a thoughtful list of local beer festivals on The Washington Post. Only two are actually in DC, but we can get out of the city every now and again, right?  If you are a fan of local-draft-delicious beers then you can check out that list here. Admission and time varies but you’ll find what you need!


Friday – 11 am-11 pm

Truckeroo is almost over (oh my gosh, summer is almost over) it is the next-to-last time to visit the Fairgrounds by Nationals Park. It is your duty as a lover of DC to go have some food truck food, listen to live music and swig back some ice cold beers, and water because it is still very hot out.  Stay hydrated!  The event runs from 11 am-11 pm, admission is free but bring your wallet for food and drink. Check out their Facebook page to see a list of participating trucks.

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