In Other News …

BIO-DOME, Pauly Shore, Stephen Baldwin, 1996. ©MGMHow Living In a Biosphere Changed The Lives of Two Scientists  [Mental Floss]  Carbon dioxide skyrockets even during a brief solar eclipse, meaning that the environment is much more responsive and delicate than we realize.  *Looks guiltily at my bottle of aerosol deodorant*

Woodley Park ANC Really Hates JBG’s Wardman Park Plan  [Washington Business Journal]  I don’t even know who to side with here.  On one side you have NIMBYs who are mad about their precious street parking, and on the other side you have developers who are trying to build a ridiculous megalith in the middle of a quiet residential neighborhood.  It’s like seeing a fight between a cockroach and a dung beetle.

Trying 7 New DC Restaurants In 4 Minutes  [Washington City Paper]  I would totally do this twice a year and then stop going to actual restaurants.

Life Off the Grid On a Modern-Day Virginia Commune  [CityLab]  We all have some variation of the same dream – escaping to a simpler, purer life in a remote natural paradise.  All I’ll say about that is that I went on a three-day vacation this summer to a beautiful countryside cabin with no phone or internet service, and the highlight of each day was trekking to the nearest town and checking my email.

Elon Musk Announces Mysterious “Solar Roof” Product  [Electrek]  Soon all your power needs will be generated by a series of red-hot sizzling high-tech roof shingles, each of them generating enough power in any given hour to electrocute a fully grown elephant.  Sleep easy.

Rebuilding a Former Slave’s House In the Smithsonian  [The Atlantic]   A reminder that future history will consist of stuff around us right now that some forward-thinking person is able to preserve.

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