In Other News …

1d8d1dc3dfee2df215b1cfaf546cdda5DC’s Next Big Amenity Could Be the Uber Waiting Room  [Urban Turf DC]  It’s here: we’ve reached “peak gentrification.”  There is no going back.

This Is Definitely the Worst Apartment In the World  [Gawker]  If this was a prison cell, you could sue and get a multimillion-dollar settlement from the government.  It’s not even big enough for you to straighten your legs when you lie down!  It’s a veal pen for humans.

DC Rents Grew Twice As Fast As the National Average  [Curbed DC]  It seems unfair at first, but then compare to DC to an average national city – say, Wichita, Kansas – and yeah, all of a sudden it seems like money well spent.

The Next Big Housing Fight Will Be In Your Own Backyard  [Washington Post]  The weird thing about America is that if the government/your neighbors tells someone that they can’t build something in your own backyard, they grab the shotgun and call their lawyer while moaning about “freedom,” but if your neighbor starts building something you don’t like in their backyard, you grab the shotgun and call the zoning board to shut it down.

The Death and Life of Atlantic City  [The New Yorker]  A fascinating portrait of real estate development gone horribly wrong, and how “urban renewal” and “neighborhood revitalization” can be a clever smokescreen for cynical profiteering and corruption.  (All that being said, after reading this story, I’m taking my mother to Atlantic City at the next possible opportunity.)

The Wharf Sells First Units to Familiar Faces  [Washington Business Journal]  It’s strictly a coincidence that I put this story after the previous one.  No, seriously!

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