In Other News …

Redneck-airconditioner-0211-1024x600Facing the Heat Without Air Conditioning  [Chicago Tribune]  Ninety percent of people have a/c in their homes?!  Yeesh, sweating is not the end of the world, people.  It even makes your skin look better.  (I say this with some level of acknowledged privilege, since I live in a dank, dark, bunker-like basement apartment that never gets hotter than like 75 degrees.)

Trump Gave Huge Chunks of the Old Post Office Project to His Kids  [Buzzfeed]  He also leveraged a $2 million stake in the project into a $200 million overall deal.  He should just talk about the ingenuity of this deal nonstop, instead of … all that other stuff he keeps talking about.

Dupont Circle’s Infamous Party House Is For Sale  [Curbed DC]  I don’t care how thoroughly this place has been cleaned by professionals, the future owners WILL find a condom wrapper months from now somewhere in the house.

China’s Futuristic Road-Straddling Bus Is Actually Happening  [Arch Daily]  We read about so many great ideas on the internet that *should* happen, but almost none of them happen.  I guess that’s why I’m so surprised by this.  The only downside is that a lot of people who get an extra 30-40 minutes of sleep once a week and then blame it on their bus getting stuck in traffic are now going to be out of luck.

Metro Adds Wi-Fi to Six Stations  [DCist]  *Googles “how to put out electrical fire”*

Making Wood Last With Fire, Not Paint  [Off Grid Quest]  Using fire to scorch the wood siding on your house will make it last longer!  Definitely go out this weekend and start blasting the side of your house with a makeshift flamethrower.


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