In Other News …

5772784968_810c62d883_bIs This “Skinny House” the Most Efficient Use of Space Ever?  [Inhabitat]  I like the idea of calling space-efficient houses “skinny,” if only because we get to call huge sprawling McMansion-type houses “obese.” (Also: I snickered at this picture of a fat house for an embarrassingly long time.)

20% of Homes Purchased In DC In 2016 Were All-Cash Transactions  [Urban Turf DC]  Dang.  One way to interpret this is that one in five people you pass on the street is able to get several hundred thousand dollars cash in a briefcase on short notice.  I’m seriously considering becoming a mugger now.

The Bubble Tent You Didn’t Know You Needed  [Mental Floss]   Why hasn’t anyone thought of making a transparent tent before?  Now you won’t have to lie awake at night wondering if that rustling outside is a rabid grizzly bear;  you’ll be able to just roll over and see it charging directly at your see-through tent.

What Is the Biggest Building On Earth?  [Quora]  Five million square feet?!  Think of all the wacky free curbside furniture and thrift store coffee table books I could cram into a place that size.

This Clever House Looks Like An Entire Village  [Dwell]   Awesome house, and interesting insight into how weird and paranoid Australians are about their homes.

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