In Other News …


pokemon-go-memes-how-to-kidnap-a-28-year-old-in-2016Agents Are Now Using Pokemon Go to Rent Apartments  [The Daily Dot]   I tried to download Pokemon Go this past weekend but my girlfriend literally – literally – slapped the phone out of my hands.

US Gov’t to Expand Program to Probe Secret Luxury Real Estate Purchases  [The New York Times]  Whuh oh.  Guess they found enough dirt to keep digging.  Hey, maybe rent will go down when they kick out all these rich foreigners?

DDOT Confirms It Doesn’t Enforce Residential Parking Bans  [Urban Turf DC]  So all this time, when developers would propose zero-parking buildings, and angry locals would show up complaining about the parking crunch, and developers would promise to forbid tenants from owning a car – that was all a lie!  (I mean, this was already sort of an open secret, but still.)

Artist Mocks Contentious CoHi Fence With Humorous Sign  [Borderstan]  Why build an elaborate public plaza and then fence off all the sitting areas to keep people away?  It reminds me of how my parents bought an expensive plush sofa when I was a kid, but we were never allowed to sit on it, because we’d “wear it out.”

The 10 Biggest Lies In Real Estate (Podcast)  [Inman]  Have you ever been told any of these lies?  Have you ever told any of them?  (Don’t answer that second question.)

Discovering Dead Malls and Motels On Youtube  [Messy Nessy Chic]   This Youtuber gets paid to explore decrepit abandoned buildings.  What a time to be alive.

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