In Other News …


the-big-lebowski-bowling-alleyA Forgotten Bowling Alley’s Steampunk Makeover  [Messy Nessy Chic]  One of my pet peeves are urban bowling alleys that try to look “sleek” and “modern” – bowling alleys should always be retro and slightly tacky.

Car2Go’s Effect on DC  [Urban Turf DC]  For every one Car2Go in DC, there were three to seven fewer private cars on the road; not only will our communal transportation fleet of the future be more efficient, we won’t have to look at those stupid family member decals or political bumper stickers anymore either.

DC Developer Converts Empty Office Buildings Into Dwellings  [Washington Post]  I guess most offices do have an insane amount of square footage, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a central location.  So now what are we going to do with all the empty malls?

“Cannabis Bank” Competition Winners Announced  [Arch Daily]   I want one of these neon-lit, mobile, rooftop weed shacks for my building, though I guess I’d settle for the “cannabis steamboat” instead.  (Not a sexual euphemism, literally a steamboat on which people smoke weed.)

A Surreal Vision of the City As Living Organism  [Ignant]  I unironically said “duuuuuude” out loud while watching this.

A Big Life In a Tiny Home  [The New York Times]  This woman gets quite a bit out of 200 square feet, though I’m not sure that’s really even that small in Manhattan.

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