In Other News …

357B6CB700000578-3650733-image-a-43_1466433442411Russian Teens Turn Kitchen Into Swimming Pool  [The Daily Mail]  If I had a teenager who brought this article to me and asked, “Why shouldn’t I do this to our kitchen the next time you go out of town?” – I don’t think I would have an answer for him.

New Residents Bring a Taste of DC to a Rural West Virginia Town  [Washington Post]  Depending on your perspective, the takeaway from this story is, “wow, it only takes one couple to revitalize a town!”  Or, “oh my god, it only takes one couple to gentrify a town!”

Study: DC Is 2nd-Worst Place for Money Management  [DCist]  I was thinking of text to go along with this headline when my eyes landed on a six-inch-thick pile of unopened collection notices and IRS letters on my coffee table, so yeah.

The Colorful Architecture of Europe’s Metro Stations  [Arch Daily]  I’d love to see the District emulate some of these designs for our Metro stations.  After they figure out how to stop it from catching fire, of course.  That’s probably more important.

A Nuclear Warning to Last 10,000 Years  [Hyperallergic]  Scientists are trying to come up with a way to warn future humans about nuclear waste sites long after all of today’s languages are forgotten; one of the leading ideas is to genetically engineer cats to change color when exposed to radiation, on the theory that the appeal of cats will never fade.  There’s some water cooler chitchat for you.

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