In Other News …


vrCINnDThe Most Beautiful Swimming Pools In the World  [BBC]  I’m sitting in boxers on an itchy sofa, sweating in an un-air-conditioned apartment that, at last glance at my thermometer hanging in the living room, was 88 degrees, and I’m looking at these photos of cool blue swimming pools, and I’m telling you right now, if I wasn’t out of trash bags, I’d totally make a backwoods “pool for one.”

This Map Shows How Much DC Nightlife Has Grown  [Washingtonian]   A friend and I were saying the other day how the best time for neighborhood bars is when there are only one or two in the area, so everyone who lives in the vicinity is forced to go to the same places and meet each other.  But then when more bars open, everyone disperses and there ends up being, like, thirty five different bars with six people in each one, all wondering where everyone else is.  That’s where DC is right now.

Anacostia Residents Fed Up With DC-Government-Owned Vacant Houses  [WAMU]  DC has given me so many tickets for not keeping up my house, and yet they don’t even keep up their own houses!  I’m going to refuse to pay the fines as a protest.  I mean, I don’t pay them anyway, but now I have ethical cover.

The Secret Anti-Terror Architecture You Probably Don’t Even Notice  [Quartz]   The secret is: bollards.  I think that’s an underused word: bollards bollards bollards.  I’m going to work it into conversation this week.

Tiny Architecture, From Human to Humanitarian  [Hyperallergic]  I realized, while looking at these photos, that if you’re going to buy a house, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t buy like fifteen tiny houses instead.

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