In Other News …


OwPoMSCA 1917 Photo of the Lincoln Memorial When It Was Surrounded By Swamp  [Ghosts of DC]  Love this photo.  I think the memorial actually looks so much more regal and monumental surrounded by wilderness.  They should start putting presidential monuments in, like, West Virginia.  (Check out how cool that Genghis Khan statue looks out in the middle of nowhere;  Mongolia knows what I’m talking about.)

Apartment Growth Has Outpaced Population Growth In DC Since 2013  [District Measured]  So according to the law of supply and demand, rent should be going down any day now, right?  Right?!

Anacostia Has a Free Book Vending Machine  [DCist]  I might just go set up a regular, for-money book vending machine next to this one, and stock it with books from the free vending machine.

Like a Loft On Water  [Dwell]  Is it a floating house?  Is it a houseboat?  I don’t know, but I want to live in it.

Barcelona’s Brutalist Cement Factory Finds a Second Life  [Domus]  This former cement factory is now a world-class creative space and venue.  DC should do this with the former FBI building instead of turning it into condos over fast casual salad places.

The Loudest Sound In the World Would Kill You On the Spot  [Five Thirty Eight]  Why?  Because it’s Friday, and because everything feels apocalyptic right now anyway.

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