Sundays With Strangers

024_2000_Massachusetts_Avenue_NW_R4_159637_173700This one-of-a-kind home is in a building attached to a mansion like white on rice. The mansion in question is the Blaine Mansion, that Tim Burton-esque Queen Anne huge home overlooking Dupont Circle on the west.  You get the distinct impression that the owner would probably like to demolish it and build something else there, but since it’s a historic building (Dupont Circle used to be surrounded by mansions; this is the last surviving one), he’s sort of stuck with it.  So he’s just built various things onto it, like Victor Frankenstein grafting limbs onto a torso; a parking garage, the building where Pizza Paradiso, etc., is, and this building.

Despite those questionable origins, the building is really nice, and this unit is one of its crown jewels.  You enter into the lofted, two-story great room; the walls of both levels are lined with bookshelves, so if you have a lot of books, you’re in luck.  If you don’t have a lot of books, that’s okay too, just nod and smile when party guests talk about what they’re reading, and if you’re feeling really bold, maybe drop a comment like, “I don’t know, the whole second half seemed so labored.”  (This is my go to, and it’s never failed.)  The kitchen is large and very open, with stainless steel appliances, including a wine fridge.  I think the main reason it feels so open is that there’s no island, which is rare these days.  But being in an island-less kitchen makes me think the whole island thing might be overrated.  I mean, what do you really use it for?  You and your significant other lean on it while having “serious talks” about how many weddings you can weasel out of this summer without being completely ostracized from your friend group, and then once a year at Thanksgiving your friends put pies on there that they shamelessly pretend to have baked themselves.  Other than that, it’s not really good for anything except throwing mail order catalogs onto.  I might be an anti-islander now.

There are beautiful views through the floor-to-ceiling windows here, and throughout the house.  Upstairs, the master bedroom has tons of light and a private balcony – but don’t worry, there’s another balcony downstairs for the peasants, er, the rest of the family to use.  And the master bath sports a massive jacuzzi tub that’s big enough for a jet ski; of course, you’d have to disassemble it, carry the parts upstairs, and reassemble it, but it might be worth it just for the Instagram photo.  And yeah, it’s in Dupont.  (Although I know that geography and facts and other inconvenient stuff like that will say otherwise, I consider anything west of the circle to be Georgetown, and you have to admit that this block does seem way  more Georgetown-ish than Dupont-ish.)  It’s hard to say where Dupont stands, these days, in the hierarchy of desirable neighborhoods.  It’s definitely up there.  No one would ever describe it as “cool,” and yet it doesn’t have the upscale cachet of Georgetown.  Still, there are tons of restaurants and bars here, and it’s so safe that I’d walk around with an open briefcase of cash at 4am, with no fear.  That’s got to count for something.

2000 Massachusetts Avenue NW R-4
3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths

028_2000_Massachusetts_Avenue_NW_R4_159637_173700 031_2000_Massachusetts_Avenue_NW_R4_159637_173700 063_2000_Massachusetts_Avenue_NW_R4_159637_173700 057_2000_Massachusetts_Avenue_NW_R4_159637_173700 060_2000_Massachusetts_Avenue_NW_R4_159637_173700 059_2000_Massachusetts_Avenue_NW_R4_159637_173700 042_2000_Massachusetts_Avenue_NW_R4_159637_173700 049_2000_Massachusetts_Avenue_NW_R4_159637_173700 065_2000_Massachusetts_Avenue_NW_R4_159637_173700

All photos courtesy of MRIS; listing courtesy of Anne Weir, WFP  202-944-5000

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