In Other News …

wileyThe French Master of Fake Facades  [Messy Nessy Chic]  Apparently, in France, they paint photorealistic murals onto the blank facades of buildings, and this guy is the master.  This driver should never ever go to France.

DC Luxury Rents Are (Only?) 57% Higher Than Non-Luxury Rents  [Curbed DC]  I would’ve guessed the gap would be literally ten times greater than this, although I guess even DC’s non-luxury rents are pretty exorbitant at this point.  Actually, this makes sense, because DC’s non-luxury rents have increased far more, by percentage, than DC’s luxury rents.  Immediately after typing that out, I sighed, went to the refrigerator, and got a beer.

Logan Circle’s Most Intriguing Home Hits the Market This Week  [Urban Turf DC]  It used to be a garage, and now has a world-class green roof, complete with beehives.  I hope you’re sufficiently ashamed of your boring ol’ rowhome now.

New Jersey’s Oldest Frank Lloyd Wright House Is For Sale  [Mental Floss]  FLW not only designed the house, but the interiors and furniture too, which is a shame, because the furniture and interiors are not very good.  I guess letting your architect design your furniture is like letting your dentist cut your hair.  Just because items are adjacent doesn’t mean they’re related.

Classic Architecture With a Social Agenda  [ArchDaily]  Since the zeitgeist is all about social issues, maybe we should bring back social architecture too.  Just be sure to make it fireproof and bulletproof.

This Weird Building Changes Appearance Every Hour  [Digg]  “Okay, so what do you want your new building to look like?”  “Well, we want it to be totally confusing to pedestrians, and give children nightmares.”

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