In Other News …

funny-chinese-sign-translation-fails-6What the Restaurant Signs In Chinatown Actually Say  [Washington City Paper]  The Chinese characters on the Hooters sign translate as “Owl Restaurant”?!   How is that helpful?  At least go for something more poetic, like “my eyes are up here.” Or how about “Wings and Flings”?

Here’s Why DC’s Streets Have the Names They Do  [Greater Greater Washington]   I’m so embarrassed that I never really realized until just now that there’s no X, Y or Z Streets.

This Natural Swiss Swimming Pool Proves We Don’t Need Chlorine  [Inhabitat]  My burning sinuses and fried hair pleads with all public pool staff members to read this article.

Virtually Tour 6 European Castle Fortresses  [Arch Daily]  If you use a Google Cardboard viewer, you can view the castles in full immersive 3D.  Just keep in mind that if I walk into the room when you’re using a Google Cardboard viewer, I *will* slowly exhale through my nose while losing respect for you.

The Lamont Street Collective’s Last Stand  [Borderstan]  Sad that it’s over, but you don’t really want to be the last group house in a gentrified neighborhood.  It’s like being the last single person in an all-marrieds friend group.  A proud accomplishment, but the nagging will destroy your soul.

Rent or Buy?  An Interactive Calculator  [The New York Times]   Me:  *Inputs income*  Interactive Calculator:  “Hahahahahaha, yeah, probably just keep renting then.”


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