In Other News …

dumbest-horror-flick-tdhfe-barn-scene-scream-killeerThe Black Barn: An Environmentally Conscious English Country House  [Arch Daily]   I love this house, and “The Black Barn” is the coolest name for a house I’ve ever heard, even if it sounds sort of like the title of a really really stupid horror movie I would watch late at night while high.

How to Figure Out Why Your Home Isn’t Selling  [Washington Post]  The price.  It’s because the price is too high. That is because of Zillow. Stop using Zillow.

Real Estate Agent Arrested for Selling Other People’s Vacant Homes  [Housing Wire]   I’m adding this to my list of things to try if I ever hit absolute maximum desperation living-in-a-van-by-the-river rock bottom.  (Other things on the list:  bank robbery, counterfeiting, getting a regular office job.)

The True Cost of Environmental Gentrification  [Fusion]  I didn’t know there were different types of gentrification.  I just got like six times guiltier.

The World’s 15 Most Complex Subway Maps  [Citylab]  Some of these maps are supposedly too complex to be read, which is just more proof of something we already know – that public transit agencies hate us.

Inside the Deadliest Fireworks Accident Ever  [Atlas Obscura]  If you’re grumpy today because people in your neighborhood were setting off fireworks until 4:30AM, luxuriate in some horrible, horrible schadenfreude right over here …

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