Dream Home – For People And Seahorses

There are homes that we all see once in a while and think would be great to have. There are even occasionally homes that you can’t get out of your mind. But what’s been dubbed the Floating Seahorse is a dream home… for real.

There are 42 Floating Seahorse homes planned of the coast of Dubai (where else!?) It’s 2/3 above water and 1/3 under water, which is rather amazing as it is.


But what makes the underwater experience far more than an engineering marvel is the 269 sq ft of underwater window space overlooking 495 sq ft man-made coral reef. Instead of a bird feeder outside your front window, it’s like having a tropical fish feeder.

If watching sea creatures out of your bedroom window doesn’t sound like a dream sequence—I don’t know what does. The closest analogue would be a house boat. It’s a floating home on a low platform.

But, then again, it’s anything but a normal houseboat.


The coral reef is more than just aesthetics. Beside kind of resembling a sea horse, with its curved shell, the corals (and perhaps the house itself) are designed to attract sea horses. According to the press release, it will offer an “idyllic environment in which seahorses can live and breed in their natural habitat in The Arabian Gulf.” It seems like a liberal interpretation of “natural,” but no one’s going to squabble if it’s supporting rare marine life.

It also has a floating sun deck over those corals, with a net to give you another view. There’s an underwater bedroom and bathroom that overlook the corals. So guess the idea is that no matter which way you look, you’re going to see these little sea horses scampering around your window. If you’re interested in purchasing, just make sure you don’t get performance anxiety…


There are also wide open windows on the first and second floors overlooking the Persian Gulf. Those views alone are worth a bazillion dollars—not to mention the underwater view over the corals.

The house has a full-size kitchen, dining area, and living area. When you open the huge floor-to-ceiling windows open, it makes the sun deck an extension of the living space.

There’s also a glass bottom Jacuzzi included on the second floor. I pity the fool that decides to look up into a glass-bottomed Jacuzzi. Though depending on the company, you might catch a pleasant view.


In case this wasn’t obvious, yeah… these houses are going to be baller. So much so that the other claim to fame of the developer, the Kleindienst Group, is a series of Swedish Villas furnished by Bentley, the car company that could probably trademark the word baller, if so inclined.

Part of the reason these things are so expensive—beyond the surely luxurious detailing—is the complication of making a sea-worthy luxury vessel like this. The Floating Seahorse weighs in at 188 tons, and required 5,000 hours of research and development and more than 13,000 hours of design engineering.

the-floating-seahorse-upper-deck-at-nightDubai already sports the world’s tallest structure (the Burj Khalifa), an indoor ski mountain, and three series of man-made islands including the Palm and another that represents a map of the world. So ostentatiousness is nothing new—but the Sea Horse homes will certainly put a feather in their caps.

A perk they obviously don’t mention is that Dubai is expected to become too hot to survive in short order, thanks to global warming. These homes, however, ensure that their wealthy investors can just cruise down the coast to more temperate waters.

One word of caution before you decide to purchase your Floating Sea Horse. Dubai does not have a personal bankruptcy law that keeps you from debtor’s prison. So, if you’re going to buy, buy in cash—though maybe floating down the coast would be an even better play if you find yourself in a pickle.

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