In Other News …

Mosquito_CostumeThe DC Monument Full of Zika Mosquitoes  [The Daily Beast]  Halfway through this article, I went around my apartment to make sure all my windowscreens were closed and secure.

The Anacostia River Gets An ‘F’ for Cleanliness  [DCist]  If I pushed someone into the Anacostia, would it be attempted murder?  Gotta be assault at least.  Looking on the bright side, fecal bacteria levels have gone down slightly since last year.  (Just typing “fecal bacteria” makes me feel ill.)

The Interior Paint Colors That Will Boost Your Home Value  [Lifehacker]  The power of psychology!  This works the same way as how wearing a red dress to a first date will make your date’s heart rate increase so they have a panic attack or something.  (Isn’t that what happens?)

These Amazing Patchwork Carpets Are Inspired By Actual Grasslands  [Inhabitat]   I love these rugs but if had one, and my mom came to visit me for a weekend, I guarantee she would throw it out the second I left the house and then claim she thought it was garbage.

Mural In Abandoned Building Becomes “Featured Wall” In Future Condo  [Hyperallergic]   Possibly the most “America in 2016” article on the internet.

How Amazon Has Swallowed Downtown Seattle  [Bloomberg]   Seattle is now DC, except with Amazon instead of the federal government, and cargo shorts and Chuck Taylors as the uniform instead of $99 suits that are somehow perpetually neither in nor out of style.

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