In Other News …

backEarly 1980s Photos of Metro Construction on Wisconsin Avenue  [Ghosts of DC]  All this Metro deterioration makes a lot more sense when you consider that it was built in an era when you could still smoke on planes.  If you told me that you were puzzled because your car from 1982 was starting to break down frequently, I’d just look at you with a blank expression and then back away slowly.

Woodley Park Residents Object to JBG’s Wardman Park Plans  [Washington Business Journal]  Is it that “Neighborhood Residents Love Developer’s Plans” isn’t an interesting story, so we never hear about those instances?  Or is it that no matter what kind of plan a developer unveils, there are people who immediately start objecting to it?  Life must be hard for a real estate developer.  (Just kidding, they’re rich.)

A Decrepit Reminder of Betrayal Sits Empty In New Jersey  [New York Times]  Turns out that if you’re a Russian spy who gets busted and sent back to Moscow, the US government will pay the property taxes on your vacated house and even get landscapers to mow the lawn.

Metro GM Announces Elimination of Hundreds of Positions  [DCist]  “Our public transportation system is a national laughingstock.  How do we fix it?”  “Hmm, let’s fire hundreds of people!”

The US’s First Public Solar Road Hits Route 66  [Curbed National]  Pros: It’s a road!  That makes electricity!  From the sun!  Cons:  It’s a road!  For cars!  That run on oil!  Verdict:  Draw.

Texas Library Cat Ousted By “Kitty-Hating” City Hall  [Gawker]  We had “Brexit” – now let’s orchestrate “Texit.”  Disliking cats is un-American.


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