In Other News …

chuck-norris-action-jeans-940x646Mt. Pleasant Group Home Vows Civil Disobedience Over Eviction  [Borderstan]  I tip my hat to these brave tenants.  Defying the US Marshals rarely ends well, at least according to the episodes of “Walker: Texas Ranger” I’ve seen.  (All of them;  I’ve seen all of them.)  (Also: karate jeans?!?!?)

Anyone Want to Live In RGIII’s Former House?  Anyone?  [Curbed DC]  You’d have to convince me this house isn’t cursed, considering how RGIII’s career played out after he moved in here.  At the very least, I’d want to do an exorcism before closing.

This Beach Hotel Was Built to Mimic the Structure of Coral  [Arch Daily]  I love this hotel, but I feel like it’s going to be underwater in about 18 months, thanks to global warming.

You Can Now Ride This Terrifying Skyslide In LA  [The Telegraph]  Go on Youtube and search for the hilarious video of Chinese people dragging their terrified, screaming friends onto the transparent glass bridge.  You’ll thank me.

AU Hosting the First American Exhibition of North Korean Socialist Realism Paintings  [DCist]  These paintings are TERRIBLE.  I want to buy all of them.  I’d go to the opening, but I’m afraid that some of the painters will be there and then I’ll have to act very somber and serious and like I’m not there just for irony.

This Infographic Shows the Staggering Amount of Unoccupied Space In the World’s Skyscrapers  [Architizer]  I didn’t realize until I looked at this infographic that skyscrapers are kind of, well, dumb.  Long live the Height Act.

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