In Other News …

MTMzNTEwMzM3NDkxMTE4NzIzThis Mind-Bending Furniture Was Inspired By MC Escher  [Mental Floss]  I love this furniture, but it also looks like something I’d stub my toe on while high.

What’s With the Haunted House Behind Sibley Hospital?  [Washington Post]  It’s a boarded-up, abandoned old caretaker’s house on the grounds of a hospital – but it’s *air quotes* not haunted.  Uh huh.

Rare Photos From Inside North Korea’s Mysterious Buildings  [Tech Insider]   Basically, North Korea looks like it’s half all-marble rooms like the vacation home of an old, rich Italian guy who wears sunglasses indoors, and half murals and patterns that look like they were designed in Microsoft Paint by a 16 year old in 1996.  I kind of want to move there now.

Privacy, Wi-Fi, and Facebook: The Home of the Future  [Urban Turf DC]  According to the latest IKEA survey, people would rather keep up with friends over social media rather than in person, wi-fi is more important in a home than shared space, and that if they had an extra hour in their day, they’d spend it alone.  The takeaway: everyone hates everyone else.

McMillan Development Opponents Win Court Case Against DC Council  [Washington City Paper]  No matter what comes out from this FOIA document dump, we all know the McMillan development is going to happen regardless.  But there might be some local politicians quietly making calls to “crisis management” PR consultants.

These Solar-Powered Eco-Homes Were Assembled In Just Five Hours  [Inhabitat]   “More and more people can’t afford to buy homes.  What can we do about this?”  “Hmmm … what if we make them much faster to put together?”


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