In Other News …

92a42EQPunch Up Your Real Estate Listing By Posing In Every Photo Wearing a Panda Costume  [Consumerist]  There’s really no photo that isn’t improved by the addition of a plush head-to-toe panda costume.

Super Cool Loft Beds for Grownups With Space Restrictions  [Architizer]  I don’t understand why people who live in small spaces are the only ones who buy meticulously-designed space-saving furniture.  Who doesn’t need more space in their bedroom?

Don’t Call Them Tiny Houses: “Accessory Dwelling Units” Coming to DC  [Urban Turf DC]  This time next year, we’ll be hotly debating which is the sadder DC apartment: the damp, radon-gassy English basement, or the stifling, car-exhausty apartment above the two-car garage?

DC Residents Say It Takes $3 Million to Be Wealthy  [DCist]  Pff, who are these people with these ridiculous expectations?  If I got my hands on a hundredth of that, everyone I know would be asking for loans and pitching me business ideas like a poverty version of “Shark Tank.”

When Dirty Money Becomes Luxury Real Estate  [NPR]  It must be really depressing to be a defiant criminal outlaw all your life, rack up millions of dollars while living outside society, and then have to go through all the tedious bureaucratic paper-shuffling of money laundering just so you don’t have to keep your cash in coolers buried in your backyard.  I hope modern criminals just use bitcoin.

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