In Other News …

taxidermy-1050x680The Most Mysterious Mansion In London Is Now For Sale  [Messy Nessy Chic]  I have never seen any place – including the hundreds of junk shops and thrift stores I’ve browsed in my life – with this much creepy taxidermy and statues that look like their eyes would follow you when you walked across the room.  They should film a live-action “Scooby Doo” movie here.

Pepco Prepares to Subdivide Former Old Town Power Plant Ahead of Sale  [Washington Business Journal]  The now-defunct coal-burning plant at this site was formerly the biggest producer of airborne pollutants in the area, and they’re now removing fluorocarbons from millions of pounds of soil in the vicinity.  Anyone excited about living here?  Anyone ….?

This Awesome 70s-Era Home Used to Have a Woodpecker Infestation  [Dwell]   I used to live in a house with a cricket infestation, which was one of the most frustrating, infuriating, sleep-depriving experiences of my life – but I bet woodpeckers would be even worse.  (Not least because no matter how irritated I got, I don’t think I could ever kill a woodpecker.  Whereas I definitely went on some 3AM rampages with the flyswatter in the cricket house.)

The Wooden City: How Building with Timber Could Combat Climate Change  [Arch Daily]   Cutting down trees to combat climate change?  Okay, it’s clickbait-ish, but what isn’t these days?

This Creepy Startup Will Allow Your Landlord to Strip-Mine Data From Your Social Media  [Washington Post]  I type in all caps and insincerely post relationship memes; depending on whether they have an algorithm that can detect irony, I’m either coming up as the most dependable, suburban mainstream American, or someone who should be deported immediately.

A New Way for the Wealthy to Shop for Citizenship  [The New Yorker]   Purchasing visas via real estate investment has been a major driver of the DC building boom, but it looks like other countries have caught on to the fact that there’s money to be made in this niche.  The US better step up their citizenship package if we want to keep building hotels with those sweet, sweet Chinese dollars.  (Maybe every green card comes with lifetime diplomatic license plates?)

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